Charmglow BBQ Grills and Gas Grill Replacement Parts

Charmglow gas barbeque grills are a product of the now-defunct Beatrice Foods Company that was established way back in 1894. The company had more than 70 different brands of various food and kitchen products before it was sold off brand-by-brand to various bidders. Charmglow, while owned by the company that became MHP processed the very first patent for a gas barbeque over 30 years ago. 
Charmglow barbeque grills ultimately ended up with Home Depot that sells several different models through its outlets.  Charmglow gas bbq grills were manufactured in the USA from the 60s to the 80s but recent production has been shifted overseas where costs are lower. Charmglow grills were supplied to Home Depot by Nexgrill imports until they were bought out and now are manufactured with Brinkmann in a facility owned by The Home Depot overseas.  This arrangement allows you to save hundreds of dollars on your purchase of a new gas bbq grill.  

Charmglow offers several models for sale through Home Depot. You can choose from 3, 4 and 5 burner grills with names such as Gourmet, Porcelain, Island, and Firepit. These bbq grills also feature various model numbers where the first 3 digits will indicate the manufacturer. Once you buy a Charmglow grill then it is important to remember this information in case you require replacement grill parts for your grill. 

If you keep your grill outside your home then you will soon require spares such as burners, knobs, hoses, valves, cooking grids, heat plates, venturis, etc since the grills will be exposed to the elements. You can also buy various accessories for your grill such as covers, brushes, rotisseries, etc. However, instead of running to Home Depot for your parts you can now simply hop online and easily find high-quality spares for your Charmglow bbq grills that might even surpass the original quality that came with the grill itself.  

You need not waste your time or fuel by visiting Home Depot since you can now easily browse through the spares required for your Charmglow model and click on the item of your choice to get it delivered right at home. The trick is to locate your grill model number by simply following these few steps. Charmglow grills that have been manufactured by Nexgrill start with the number 7. For example, 720-0036-HD-05 along with other series such as 730-, 740-, and 750- are all made by Nexgrill. Similarly, grills made by Brinkmann start with 810 followed by the model number. For example 810-7231-W is one Brinkmann model that uses stainless steel burners. This will make it easier for you to locate quality spares for any Charmglow model that you possess.  

While Charmglow gas barbeque grills do offer value-for-money, it can truly be a pain to trudge all the way to buy spares for your grill even as your grill could be down before an important barbeque party. The best option is to simply use your mouse to quickly locate the desired parts by model number, part number or even by clicking on illustrations at the website. You are sure to locate high-quality spares at the click of a button that can be home-delivered while offering you years of trouble-free service at the same time. 

Charmglow has a rich history that did get diluted along the way but if you are a Charmglow gas bbq owner then you need not worry about spare parts for your grill anymore. You are sure to quickly locate a matching quality part for your grill and ensure happy grilling days and nights once you install them in your bbq grill.


Charmglow replacement grill parts: Burners.

charmglow burner
This is a stianless steel replacement H burner for Charmglow models:
24644, 87860, 88860 .

Charmglow replacement cast iron H burner

cast iron charmglow burner
Charmglow barbecues through the years used a lot of H burners in their grills.  This H burner replacement has adjustable venturis that allow the burner to be used with a wide variety of barbeque.  The adjustable venturi are stiff and strong but they both extend longer and they are bendable to connect to the bbq grill valves.

Charmglow replacement burner.

stainless charmglow repair burner
Charmglow barbeque grill models 10945, 10955, 4451KN, 9969 and 9968 all use this double burner and replacement venturi burner.

Charmglow replacement oval burner, stainless steel.

grill repair burner for charmglow
This replacement oval burner has a single adjustable venturi to fit all Charmglow models that have a single oval replacement burner

Charmglow replacement stainless steel bbq grill pipe burner

charmglow pipe burner replacement
Charmglow pipe burner fits many 720 model of barbeque grill.

Charmglow and Brinkmann bbq grill burner

cast iron charmglow grill parts
This replacement gas bbq grill burner is a grill repair part for 810 model charmglow barbecues and also fits brinkmann bbq grills.

Charmglow replacement burner.

charmglow grill parts burner
Replacement pipe burner is stainless steel for Charmglow bbq grill repairs on modles 810-8905-2 and 810-8907-s and others.

Center-fed charmglow burner

charmglow repair grill parts
Charmglow replacement burner also fits dcs gas bbq grills and others.  center fed stainless replacement grill repair burner.

Charmglow cross over burner

Charmglow gas bbq grill cross over burner for charmglow grill repairs.

Charmglow oval burner.

Charmglow grill repair parts replacement burner fits 12407, 12436, 13046, 13636, 14227, 14287 and 14787 grill models.  An oval burner will fit hundreds of different grill models and is versatile to fit many grill it is not made to match for bbq grill repairs.