Firemagic gas grill and gas barbeque grill replacement parts.

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Firemagic gas bbq grill by R. H. Peterson are considered one of the best made and best used gas barbecue grills in the entire world!
 Fire Magic Grills

Firemagic grills are a series of indoor and outdoor grills that are known for their superb cooking abilities and their state of the art looks. These grills are one of only two product lines manufactured by the RH Peterson company of California.

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A Little About The RH Peterson Company

The RH Peterson company is a small privately owned company employing about 200 people. Little seems be known about it's early beginnings other than it was founded by Robert H Peterson around 1937. The company first began making a real name for itself when Peterson began manufacturing gas logs under the name of Realfyre logs around 1949.  Since it's inception this company has dedicated itself to producing high quality products that center around family and family entertaining.

Harold Keck envisioned people turning to outdoor entertaining with family and friends and came up with the idea of firemagic grills. Firemagic grills were a success almost from the start with their indoor version becoming a favorite of chefs in fine restaurants in both California and New York. Later after these grills made an appearance on the today show they became popular with the American public as the ultimate in outdoor cooking.

Today the RH Peterson facility houses every aspect of the manufacturing of their products and they continue the tradition set by RH Peterson and Harold Keck to make the the finest products possible by using the the most current and finest manufacturing systems available today. They have become noted not only for the high quality of their products but, for their excellent customer service. Although, the company continues to produce products designed to encourage families and friends to spend quality time together one thing has changed with the company over the years and that is the company had moved into the 21st century by becoming more automatized than it once was. Despite this, it remains a company dedicated to providing the highest quality products and best customer service of any company in business today. From many accounts it seems to be accomplishing that goal.

Fire Magic Grills

Fire magic grills have been rated over and over again as the best grills on the market today. They cover the range in grilling choices from gas, to charcoal, to electric. There are three series of these grills the Echelon, the Aurora and the Legacy and each series have some unique features all of their own. Here are some things that make Firemagic grills different from other grills.

12 inch deep fire box- Most grills have fire boxes that are 6-8 inches deep. The extra depth of the firebox in Fire Magic grills allows you to cook your food further from the coals or heat source which means when droppings hit the heat source and flare up occurs your meat has less chance of getting seared by the unexpected flames. This makes for more even cooking and no burned spots on your food.

Stainless steel E burners. These burners help to distribute the heat evenly meaning that every thing you cook on the grill cooks at the same time because you are eliminating hot and cold spots from the grilling service. You won't have to keep changing your food to different parts of the grill as it heats evenly across the entire surface.

Stainless steel flavor grids- These grids vaporize most of the liquids that cause flare ups.

Electronic ignition- The top quality electronic ignition used to start these grills are added to ensure that your grill lights each and every time even in damp and rainy weather.

Burnished stainless steel cooking grids- These grids work like non stick surfaces without the coating that often peels away after several uses, making these grills easy to get food off and clean up easy and simple.

In addition to these special features contained on the Aurora grills the top of the line series of Fire Magic grills have added features some of which are entirely new to grills. These features include:

A Halogen light in the hood- This light allows you to grill out of doors after dark and actually see what your are doing. An integrated wood chip smoker with it's own burner, cook zone dividers, digital thermometer and a seamless hood.

Another thing that makes these grills stand out is that most of the fire magic grills have able work space to set plates and cooking utensils making grilling more easy when you can keep everything you need right on hand.

However, the one draw back of the Fire Magic grills are their price tags. These grills are not only designed for people who enjoy cooking and entertaining outside but who have the money to maintain a more lavish lifestyle than most of us can afford. Realizing this the RH Peterson company also manufactures another line of grills known as the American Outdoor grill that has many of the same features as the Fire magic grills only with less choices in designs, less cooking space in most of the grills and a smaller price tag. The American outdoor grills however, still adhere to the quality that the RH Peterson company has become known for and these grills carry long term warranties are built to last and last.

They are a great alternative for people who dream of owning a fire magic grill but lack the actual money to make that dream a reality. It is one way for those of average income to enjoy some of the benefits of the fire magic grill while still having money left over to actual buy food to put on the grill.

For those who can afford the real thing however, the fire magic grill offers state of the art outdoor cooking on a grill that is designed to compliment the most lavish outdoor décor. Making it possible to enjoy both the warmth of back yard grilling and the sophistication of modern living without compromising either.

Firemagic gas grill replacement igniter electrode and collector box.

firemagic replacement igniter repair kit with electrode and collector box
Firemagic replacement bbq grill igniter electrode and collector box kit.

Like all of the Firemagic gas bbq grill parts the ignoter for a Firemagic gas barbeque grill is over-manufactured to ensure the grill parts function well beyond the life span of other bbq grill parts.  The collector box pulls in gas and protects the electrode from falling grease and dirt.  Made with 304 series stainless steel the collector box can get covered with grease and dirt and continue to function allowing the bbq grill to ignite safely and reliable for many years longer than any competitor brands.

Firemagic gas grills for built in grill island customization.

Firemagic drop in counter top barbecue grill for custom outdoor kitchen grill island construction.
In addition to the "slide-in" models Firemagic also still makes "drop-in" barbecue grills for custom outdoor kitchens.  These Firemagic models are also built if the cast stainless burners and similar Firemagic gas grill parts made to keep grilling for several decades.

Firemagic makes the highest quality barbecue grills.

firemagic barbecue grill parts
With beautiful American made stainless steel made to last forever outdoors in the harshest environments Firemagic bbq grill parts are made to be beautiful and are made to last forever.
Some features specific to firemagic brand gas grill models are the heaviest cast stainless grill burners made anywhere, solar panels that power the lights, rotisserie and igniters and the "magic" ceramic window allowing the chef to watch the food without opening the gas bbq grill hood.
R.H. Peterson also manufactures electric and charcoal barbecues with the Firemagic branding.
Portable barbecues on rolling stainless steel carts are available, slide in gas bbq grills for built in bbq grill islands are available and older style drop-in gas grills for outdoor kitchen customization are available with gas and/or charcoal.

Firemagic custom outdoor kitchen built in bbq grill accessories.

iremagic gas grill outdoor kitchen parts and built in accessories
Firemagic was one of the first manufacturers to make built in doors, drawers, tank sliders, built in ice bins, coolers and refrigerators and Firemagic is still today one of the biggest providers of built in bbq grill island accessories.  Few barbecue grill companies provide the range and options available from Firemagic for custom designing outdoor kitchens.
In addition to a wide array of options Firemagic has several model groupings so the same sized door or drawer is available in 4 different price ranges with slightly different design features.  The variety allows the home owner to decide their own budget and their own level of decor.

Firemagic infrared gas grill burner

custom built in bbq grill island accessories for outdoor kitchen doors, drawers, coolers ... and infrared burner
Firemagic was one of the first companies outside of the TEC - Solaire - Alfresco invention circle to implement nfrared sear zone burners.  Most Firemagic gas bbq grills have the ability to remove a convectional "blue-flame" burner and replace it with an infrared burner for intense direct grilling heat exceeding 1000 degrees.
Firemagic is one of the only barbeque grills (other than Solaire Infrared Grills) that makes this convection to infrared conversion easy enough for the home owner to perform.  Other gas grills using infrared technology either do not allow burners to be swapped or make the process so difficult and expensive that the grill is not truly versatile.
Firemagic has also created all infrared grills and built in accessories for outdoor kitchen bbq grill islands.  Built in infrared grilling burner accessories and double infrared burners allow the custom outdoor kitchen design to have a Firemagic grill and a separate infrared grilling section built in.

Firemagic gas bbq grill models: features and benefits.

firemagic built in barbeque grill and infrared burner
Firemagic gas bbq grills are available from the very small barbeque that can comfortabe feed a small family and Firemagic gas grills are available big enough to feed several families.  With infrared rotisseries, barbeque smokers, infrared sear zones and a lot of barbecuing surface space Firemagic makes a model in the right size for any need.
Firemagic features include digital temperature screens, remote controlled barbeque hood, solar panels, lights, rotisserie kits, hood windows and many more features than any other barbecue grill manufacturer.

Firemagic gas bbq grill parts.

firemagic cast stainless steel gas bbq grill burners
Firemagic gas bbq grill burner is cast stainless steel.  Think about the barbecues available at tall the local retailers with sheets of stainless.  One firemagic barbeque burner has more stainless steel in it than many of the mass-production barbecues available from mega-retailers.

Firemagic gas grill replacement burners.

cast iron replacement bbq grill burner for firemagic gas grill models
Replacement barbecue grilling burners are available for Firemagic gas bbq grill repairs made with cast stainless steel and with cast iron.  While cast iron will not barbecue as long as cast stainless steel the cast iron burner are less than half the cost of the stainless steel replacement burners.

Charcoal barbecues by Firemagic

firemagic built in outdoor kitchen charcoal bbq
Firemagic charcoal barbecue grill head for built in custom outdoor summer kitchen designs.
Firemagic brands also feature several sizes and style of charcoal barbecue.  This stainless steel model is available in 2 sizes and features a charcoal grate that can be cranked higher and lower and a pull out drawer for accessing wood and charcoal while barbecuing and smoking.  Other models also feature a lift-a-grate feature and can be very inexpensive.

American Outdoor Grills by R. H. Peterson.

american outdoor grill built in bbq grill for outdoor kitchens by firemagic and rh peterson.
AOG gas bbq grills can be portabl on a cart or built in to a custom designed outdoor summer kitchen with Firemagic features and without the Firemagic price tag.
American Outdoor Grills are the custom outdoor kitchen answer provided by RH Peterson to allow grill island customization without the growing price of the Firemagic brand features.  AOG barbecues retail for approximately half the price of the Firemagic built in bbq grill models and contain some similar features like rotisserie kits and infrared grill burner conversions.