Nexgrill BBQ Grill Parts.

Nexgrill barbeque grill manufacturing and gas BBQ grill replacement parts for Nexgrill made gas grill repair.

Nexgrill Industries, Inc. has been in the business of making a wide range of stainless steel grills for its retail partners for the past two decades. Its high-quality but still affordable grills are marketed under different brand names depending on the company's business partners. The household names of Jenn-Air, Charmglow, Kirkland and Turbo are among the feathers in Nexgrill's cap, so to speak.

Nexgrill gas bbq grill replacement parts
Nexgrill replacement bbq grill burner
Nexgrill replacement bbq cooking grates
Nexgrill heat shields and briquette grids
Nexgrill valves, igniters, knobs, grill parts.

Nowadays, the Los Angeles-based company is also selling its own line of stainless steel outdoor grills under its own brand name - Nexgrill. Most of the other brand names manufactured by the company are still under its wings along with its own product line in the outdoor grill market niche. As befits its vision, the Nexgrill stainless steel gas grills are known for their competitiveness in terms of price, features and materials, which are qualities putting the brand as one of the more popular in the market today.

The following two models are just a few of the several grills from the Nexgrill brand. The choice of consumers between the two typically boils down to the price, features and benefits since the quality and warranty are similar in virtually all aspects.  Moreover, anyone with a Nexgrill can tell you about the warranty anyway (be in a comfortable chair when you call!).

First, the Nexgrill Portable Table Top Stainless Steel Gas Grill comes fully assembled, thus, making it easy to use immediately after delivery. Connect the grill to a 20-pound propane cylinder via the regulator and hose to start using the unit. The 20-inch stainless steel firebox is sufficient to keep the heat in while the grill grate is solid with the added benefit of searing steak quickly. The gas grill features two independently-controlled 10,000 BTU main burners, which amounts to 20,000 BTU for the whole unit with a compact cooking area of 247 square inches.

Second, the Nexgrill 3-burner LP Gas Grill Charcoal Combo provides for a charcoal storage bin to keep the outdoor grill as clean from these little bits of black fuel as possible. The foldable side shelves provide for a greater working area for the grill master as well as a place to put the grilled foods on, not to mention that this feature makes for easy portability and storage of the unit. There are three 12,000 BTU stainless steel burners with separate gas and charcoal cooking chambers for easy usage of the desired fuel. Add in the porcelain cast-iron cooking grids and consumers have one of the better outdoor grills in the market today.

Nexgrill has been responsible for Charbroil models, Turbo by BBQ Galore, Kirkland, Members Mark, Jenn air and dozens of other barbecues known by the names of brandings owned by specific retailers.  Nexgrill is the company stores go to to bring in a product they can call their own.  Unfortunately the brand is often so well known (like Jenn Air and Kenmore) that the consumer will not judge the barbeque grill by its own merit, features or benefits.  The name hides the real manufacturing.  The goal of Nexgrill is not a world-class reputation for good quality and reliable warranty.  The bbq grills are sold through well-known retailers and they are sold at a fraction of the cost of an American made product.  It is very difficult to get gas grill replacement parts from Nexgrill or from any of the Nexgrill retailers.  Nexgrill bbq grill parts are manufactured by grill repair companies so that we can repair the barbeque grills with replacement Nexgrill burners, Nexgrill cooking grates, Nexgrill heat shields and briquette grids and Nexgrill valves, igniters, knobs and more.

Nexgrill porcelain coated steel rod cooking grate.

porcelain coated steel rod replacement cooking grate for nexgrill bbq grill repair.
nexgrill single cooking grate and briquette grid.
Nexgrill models: 640-82960811-6 640-82960828-6 720-0679B 720-0679R

Heavy stainless steel replacement cooking grate for nexgrill barbecue grill.

Nexgrill models include: 276964L 720-0336 720-0433 720-0511
... but this cooking grate also fits BroilKing and other gas barbeque grills not assocuated with Nexgrill.         

Nexgrill heat shield for barbeque grill repair.

Nexgrillbbq grill models for gas grill heat shield replacement: 21001 778627 778627 720-0008-T 720-0108 Coutyard 2404 SKU778627

Nexgrill bbq grill replacement burner

nexgrill gas bbq grill replacement u shape burner
Use the gas barbecue grill replacement burner to repair Nexgrill models:   21001 778627 778627 720-0011 720-0108 Courtyard 2404 SKU778627

Nexgrill replacement gas grill pipe burner repair.

replacement pipe burner for nexgrill barbecue
Nexgrill gas grill models: 122.166489 16648 463268207 463268806 640-82960819-9 720-0193 720-0312 720-0335 720-0396 720-0432 720-0433 720-0433 720-0522CAN 720-0578 720-0582 720-0584A 720-0617 720-0617 720-0650A 720-0665 Members Mark 720-0582 Members Mark 720-0584A

Nexgrill barbeque grill replacement burner.

nexgrill replacement bbq grill pipe burner.
Nexgrill gas grill replacement burner so you can repair your barbecue.
Nexgrill gas bbq grill models: 720-0016 720-0025 720-0025 720-0036-HD-05 720-0083-04R 720-0230 720-0234 720-0289 720-0304 Courtyard 720-0016

Cast iron cooking grates for Nexgrill gas bbq grill models.

Nexgrill cooking grate replacement cast iron coated with porcelain for protection.
122.166489 16648 640-82960819-9 720-0025 720-0025 720-0108 720-0193 720-0337 720-0396 720-0432 720-0512 720-0522 720-0522CAN 720-0536 720-0578 720-0582 720-0650A 730-0522 810-8500-S CS892LP Members Mark 720-0582

Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids for Nexgrill bbq grill repair.

Nexgrill models that can use the cooking grid are: 62152 62152 62152 62152 62152 62152 62152 62152 62152 ... and it also fits some Weber gas grill models.

Heavy rod, thick diameter stainless steel gas grill cooking grate,

Nexgrill made turbo grill models: 720-0057-4B 720-0335 750-0058-4BRB Capt'n Cook CG4CKW Capt'n Cook CK4CKWN CG4CKW CG4TCBN CG4TCBRN CG4TCN CG4TDBRN CG4TDN CG5TCBN CG5TCBRN CG5TCN CG5TDBRN CG5TDN CK4CKWN Classic CG4TCBRN Classic CG4TCN Classic CG5TCBRN Classic CG5TCN Classic XG4TCN Classic XG5TCN Elite CG4TDBRN Elite CG4TDN Elite CG5TDBRN Elite CG5TDN Elite XG4TDN Elite XG5TDN STS 720-0057-4B STS 750-0058-4BRB XG4TCN XG4TDN XG5TCN XG5TDN

Porcelain coated steel rods cooking grates fit barbecue grills manufactured by Nexgrill.

720-0152 720-0152 720-0171 720-0234 720-0289 720-0337 720-0396 720-0432 720-0512 7202BO-B21 7202BO-M41 7202KO-G21 7262BO-B21 7262BO-M21 7262KO-G21 7262KOXG21 7302-0-581 7302-2-581 7302KO-G11 7352-2-581 7362B1XB11 7362BO-B11 7362BO-M11 7362KIXB41 7362KO-B11 7362KO-G11 7362KOXG11 7462BO-B11 7462BO-M11 7462K1-M11 7462KO-B11 7462KO-G11 G026

Nexgrill Models for locating gas grill repair replacement parts
720-0433 720-0670A 720-0679B 720-0679R 720-0679B 720-0679R 720-0649 720-0650A 720-0670A 720-0649 720-0650A 720-0665 720-0419 720-0459 720-0025 720-0133 778627 720-0011 720-0108 720-0649 720-0433 720-0617 720-0650A 720-0665 720-0670A 720-0679B 720-0679R 720-0665 681955 720-0145 720-0679B 720-0679R 720-0152 720-0419 720-0459 720-0670A 720-0649 720-0025 720-0650A 720-0679B 720-0679R 720-0649 681955 738505 720-0145 720-0025 778627 720-0008-T 720-0108 720-0011 720-0133 720-0433 720-0650A 720-0419 720-0459 720-0670A 720-0679B 720-0679R 720-0679B 720-0679R 720-0433 720-0025

Replacement heat shield for Nexgrill grill repair replacement bbq parts.

681955 738505 720-0026 720-0061 720-0062 720-0063 720-0099 720-0100 720-0138 720-0139 720-0141 720-0142 720-0145 720-0145 720-0150 720-0171 720-0336 720-0337 720-0511 720-0512 720-0586A 720-101 Chateau 3304 Estate 2704 Members Mark 720-0586A SKU681955 SKU738505